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House Cleansing /Blessings

House Cleansing /Blessings


House Cleansings or House Blessings act as spiritual protection for your home and often times will include the banishment of negative entities and/or energies within the home or space. 

When moving into an older home with an unsettling feeling or just walking into your current home and it seems depressing for no particular reason, a house cleansing or blessing will rid the home of negative residue, energy, and entities that do not serve the purpose of a happy home. 

With a house cleansing, I come in and chant in my mantra to rid all of the negative energies as I burn white sage and Palo Santo. These acts of burning these two herbs for protection and healing have been around for many years by my ancestors as well as people of many faith. I also call upon Archangel Michael to protect your home in his white light.

To have your home cleansed/blessed, please visit Book An Appointment to view pricing and available appointment times.

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